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Learn to Instruct Engaging Kettlebell Training Workouts

CPD Fitness Course: Kettlebells

Kettlebells are one of the most versatile exercise methods, offering a fun and highly effective workout for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities, improving both cardiovascular fitness and strength.

As a specialist at training with kettlebells, you will know all the tricks and benefits. Your advanced knowledge and experience will open the door to additional clients, increased employability and higher earnings, not to mention enhanced knowledge for your own personal workout! 

This CPD Kettlebell course costs £129, but you can take all six OriGym CPD courses for just £488 - that's nearly £50 saved per course!

Entry Requirements:

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Course Type:

CPD Short Course

Course Length:

1 Day



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The OriGym CPD Kettlebells Course is designed to equip existing fitness professionals and personal trainers with the knowledge to become an expert in conducting kettlebell training sessions. You’ll learn about different kettlebell exercise movements and how to plan and deliver kettlebell training classes designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

Accredited by both REPS and CIMSPA, completing this course will also provide you with CPD points towards your professional membership status.

Course Length: 1 day face-to-face CPD workshop
Entry Requirements: Level 2 Gym Instructor. Students must also be aged 16+.
Accreditations: Our CPD courses are accredited by REPS, CIMSPA and PD Approval.
Cost: £129 per course, or take all six for £488.

The Kettlebells CPD award involves an intensive 1-day workshop with one of our expert tutors, covering theoretical and practical modules, preparing you to plan, demonstrate and lead clients through kettlebell exercise regimes.

History of Kettlebell Training

The course starts by exploring the history of kettlebell training, detailing the anatomy of a kettlebell and the correct way to hold kettlebells for different exercises.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Through a tutor-led practical session, you’ll discover the benefits of integrating kettlebell exercises into a training regime and how kettlebells differ to other gym equipment. Taking a balanced approach, you’ll also learn about the disadvantages of using kettlebells when other pieces of equipment would be more beneficial.

Kettlebell Movements

This three-hour long practical module will teach you how to perform and identify a series of kettlebell movements, the techniques required to completely perform each exercise and how to modify each movement effectively. You’ll also learn about muscle group activations for each exercise and how to implement these into a balanced workout. 

Planes of Motion and Lifting Styles

This module introduces the planes of motion and how balanced exercise programming must include all three planes, exploring how each kettlebell movement from the previous module meets criteria for the three planes.

Observational Assessment

The Kettlebell Training CPD course ends with a 60-minute long observational assessment where you will be tasked with demonstrating your knowledge of kettlebell exercises through the preparation and delivery of a kettlebell session plan comprised of four different exercises.

CPD Fitness courses are assessed through an observed assessment on the day of attendance. You will need to demonstrate your skill and competence in front of a qualified teacher and assessor who will lead your training.

OriGym is proud to qualify over 9,000 fitness professionals each year, more than any other company. We also successfully place over 80% of students in job roles right after qualifying; that is the highest rate in the industry.

We are also ISO9001 certified and are one of only a handful of providers to hold this worldwide certificate of excellence.

We are official partners with the Ministry of Defence, we run courses for QMU University, and also run the Academy for Sports Direct & JD Gyms, and are proud partners of over 200 fitness brands worldwide.

We were nominated by the Active Training Awards, the biggest awards ceremony in the UK, for ‘most innovative training provider of the year’ and ‘training provider of the year’ for two years running.

If you are still not convinced, check out our reviews on Trustpilot, where we have hundreds of reviews from very satisfied customers.

OriGym believes courses and education should be obtainable for anyone who wants to start a career within the fitness sector. We own a vast majority of training venues through our sister company, thus massively reducing overheads which other companies cover with higher fees. We also do not apply unnecessary admin fees, certification charges or exam fees that many of our competitors apply.

Absolutely! We have centres that accommodate for the physically impaired, which are fully equipped with lifts, ramps and disabled toilets. We have had dozens of physically impaired individuals complete our course and go on to be very successful personal trainers within the industry.

Submit us an enquiry detailing your disability and we can assess your suitability to undergoing this form of training. 

OriGym does offer a few funding streams for students. 

We are proud partners of the MOD (Ministry of Defence) who provide funding for current and former military personnel for qualifications that are Level 3 and above.

OriGym is also partner with the PFA (Players Football Association), who help current and former professional footballers with funding towards their qualifications.

Additionally, we partner with the PCA (Professional Cricketers’ Association), who help current and former professional cricketers with funding towards their qualifications. 

Discounts for current and former rugby professionals through the RPA (Rugby Players Association) can also be obtained on enrolment.

Evidence of affiliation with these organisations is obtained prior to enrolment and is subject to check from each respective organisation.

Should you fail a CPD fitness assessment, you are welcome to come back and complete the course and assessment again.

Students seeking to take specialised CPD fitness courses should hold a Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification at the minimum. Students will also need to be aged 16 years or older to enrol.

All of our CPD fitness courses are endorsed and accredited by REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals), CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity), and PD Approval.

This CPD course is delivered on one full day, during a face-to-face workshop at one of our twelve nationwide venues.

This course covers the essential knowledge required to deliver effective kettlebell training sessions for your fitness clients, assisting them to develop their stamina and strength, and to achieve their fitness goals.

Topics covered include the history of kettlebell training, the benefits of including kettlebells in a workout plan, practical sessions learning the various kettlebell movements and how to modify them, and how kettlebell exercises fit into the three planes of motion.


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Our CPD courses are accredited by REPS, CIMSPA and PD Approval, earning points towards your professional membership.

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Gold Personal Trainer Course Package

  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing
  • Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training
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  • Suspension Training CPD
  • Kettlebells CPD
  • Boxing & Pad Work CPD
  • Circuits CPD
  • Group Training CPD
  • Strength & Conditioning CPD
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